Mannequin Republic (Demo)

by Mannequin Republic

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I recorded this album, mostly by myself, starting in late 2015, up until October 12, 2016. I was going through a lot of writer's block, but by soaking up influence like I was living sponge, I finally garnered enough material and completed ideas to write these songs. There are little jam sessions and sounds thrown in, almost always at the end of a track. Two outliers to that in particular are at the beginning, and another is an entire track. That track, titled "Last", is part of the very last jam session I had with one of my best friends who unfortunately and tragically passed away during the creation of this record, Tyler Babcock. This album goes out to Tyler, Alex Chabre, who passed away alongside Tyler, my grandfather, Terrence Lyons, and my uncle, Brent Cross, who all passed during the creation of this album. Not only is it dedicated to them, but it's dedicated to everyone who has lost their lives and those whose lives have been affected by drunk driving, cancer, mass shootings, racism, sexism, mental disorders, and addiction.

This album not only covers real topics such as the passings that occurred during the creation of this album, my struggles with OCD, the Orlando shootings, and the deep web, but it also includes pieces that feature a few attempts at experimental lyrics, such as from the perspective of a vampire woman, which itself is in reference to the film "Let Me In", stealing my girlfriend's last lemonade that was stashed in my dresser, or throwing multiple lines in one song that have nothing to do with each other.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this album.
Much love,

There is a wide range of influences on this album. They include, but are not limited to, the following; Drive Like Jehu, Deftones, Mogwai, Mr. Bungle, Björk, Faith No More, Glassjaw, Refused, Mclusky, letlive., Unwound, The Blood Brothers, Fugazi, The Cure, Jawbox, Shudder To Think, Bear Vs. Shark, Beck, Blur, Breach, Hum, Naked City, Far, Fine Before You Came, Frodus, I Was The Red Wine Of 1955, Nouns, Pope, Jimmy Eat World, Modest Mouse, Movie Brain, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, No Knife, Orchid, Quicksand, Pixies, Rival Schools, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Shellac, The Sugarcubes, Sonic Youth, Snapcase, Smashing Pumpkins, Squeeze, Tears For Fears, Thrice, Third Eye Blind, Tomahawk, The Verve Pipe, and many more.


released October 28, 2016

Sam Scott - vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass(es), keyboards, drums, percussion, snapping, auxiliary percussion, programming, recording, production, mastering, mixing, writing, artwork, rice shaking
Steven Clewley - keyboard and vocals (jam at the end "Orange Circus")
Kameron Seger - snapping on "Tiny Little Onion", auxiliary percussion and vocals (jam at the end of "Orange Circus")
Tyler Babcock - keyboard on "Last", piano at the end of "Warm Globe" and "Tiny Little Onion", "Forever, I will stay humble" lyric on "The Eulogy"
Cam Mitchell - backing vocals and first 3 chorus lyrics on "Warm Globe", backing vocals and snapping on "Tiny Little Onion"



all rights reserved


The Cardboard Collective Bangor, Maine

Record label run by Sam Scott. Currently looking for artists to put onto an upcoming compilation.

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Track Name: The Last Yellow Bullet
Walk across the floor
Over the clothes
Open the drawer
There's the last yellow bullet

It came flying
In the dark
Rapid speed
I couldn't see

Grab it
Open it
Sweet flavors from the Maid's last Minute
Track Name: República Maniquí
None of you have a brain
You can't think for yourselves
You wear what everyone else does
No one here has any sensibility

It isn't right (everything's the same)
This isn't right (everyone's the same)
It isn't right (everybody's the same)
This isn't right

You wear the same shoes
That everyone else does
You wear your hair the same way
That everyone else does
You're a clone, a carbon copy
Of what everyone else does
You're just another mannequin
In that same window


I'm stuck in the crowd, I'm stuck in the crowd
I'm stuck in the crowd, I'm stuck in the...
Track Name: Collective Division
You say you'll do the scan
(But you won't, but you won't)
You say you'll do the check
(But you won't, but you won't)
How can anyone believe a thing you say?
You say that everything checks out
(But it doesn't, no, it doesn't)

We stand divided,
We stand tall
When we're not really thinking at all
We need to come together
Our heads are in the clouds
(From all the things we think we aren't allowed)
To think...

It's not a matter of religion
(Matter of religion)
It's not a matter of race
(Matter of race)
It's not a matter of your cultural background
It's a matter of mental health, have you come unwound?

We stand divided,
We stand tall
When we're not really thinking at all
We need to come together
Our heads are in the sand
(From all the things we can't even stand)
To think...
Track Name: Warm Globe
Something here is wrong
Even with evidence, it doesn't get through to you
The glaciers are gone
Even with evidence, it won't get through to you

It’ll come in waves (It's doing us in)
Total dismay (It's doing us in)
It eats at me everyday
While the earth is getting hotter
(The earth is getting hotter)
The earth is getting hotter

Not enough people understand
These types of fuels are killing us
Just because it's carried farther away than where you live doesn't mean it's not doing us in

It's doing us in
We're getting closer to the end
The globe is warm
Oh, the globe is warm
Track Name: Absolute Zero
You took what was forced at you
All while therapy devastated you
Begging for the end
Killed by a broken heart

In a better place now
Than me
In a better place now
Than us

You woke up
You said "turn the music on"
You went back to sleep
And that was it
Track Name: Orange Waves / Orange Flames
Open the door
Not with your hands, feet, or sleeve
If you do,
You won't feel clean

Ride the orange waves

Last night my knuckles started to bleed
For how dry must I make these hands to feel clean?
I can't stop counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Ride the orange waves

Ride the orange waves (into my mind)
Ride the orange waves (into my mind)
You'll never know (Ride the orange waves)
Ride the orange waves

Words words words etc.
Track Name: Conrad, My Comrade
My comrade
Why did you do that?
My comrade
Look, now you’re so so sad

A glass bottle
A carton
It all equals your life

My comrade
You’re on the fast track
To your last laugh
Enjoy that tiny stick

This place changed you
Binging all of the time
What made it change you? (It was her!)
What made it change you? (It was her!)
It was her!
It was her!
You can’t try to hide it
We know what happens to you…
Track Name: Let Me In
Owen, won't you please invite me in?
You're safe as long as there's none
Those boys hurt you again?
Don't worry, I'll take care of them

Don't open the curtain
Leave me in the tub
I'll see you the next time I wake up

Owen, you poor boy
I'll always be your only friend
Forget your parents, your school, everything
Put me in the trunk, we'll run away and be together until the very end

I've got a secret
No one can know it
I've got a secret
I'll let you know it

Let me in...
Track Name: Last
Track Name: One Question
Mispronounced your name for years
I am not the...
I am not the...
I am not the…

In the green cart
Was half a gallon of paint
He said he'd "seen it all"
He'd seen it all

I'm trying...
I'm trying to...
I'm trying to decide

Cutting my knuckles on watermelon
Isn't the way I planned today to go
The bags break and break again
Nothing satisfies these animals (these animals)


If doing what is right is wrong,
And everything I've been doing means nothing (nothing),
Let me ask you one question:
What have you done?
Track Name: Orange Circus
He's building a wall to keep everyone out
Send them away, never see them again
Your orange spray tan: never want to see it again/looks like you got one again

This election is a circus
(This is not a democracy)

She lies all the time and she's got votes

There's only one option (left for us)
Nobody needs this kind of money
Track Name: Tiny Little Onion (Yesterday, I Kept It Quiet)
Order anything at all
We have everything you need!
Give us your money!
Give us your money!
We’ve got everything you need

You can’t escape us
You won’t escape this


I follow you home every single night
Don’t turn your back
You’ll get it too soon
We have the details
On you and your friends
Pink Meth… Pink Meth…

Yesterday, I kept it quiet

Today, you’re through
Today, you’ll get what’s coming to you

You can’t escape us

You’re dead
Track Name: The Eulogy
92 miles per hour
92 miles…
“Forever, I will stay humble”

I wish you stayed
Every single day
Nothing feels the same

Not since the morning
That I heard the news
Has anything really been the same
Without you two

Please come back
Please come back
Please come back
Please come back

If I had the chance,
I would go back
And answer you
One last time,
We’d share these recollections
One last time…
One last time…
One last time…