Complete 2015 Discography (Bonus 2016 Track)

by Pocklenocky

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This collection compiles both the "Ficksticky" LP, the "Steel Toe Dick" EP in a remastered form, as well as the stand alone single, "Watching You", on one disc, with a new mix of "Donkle McFee" and a shorter version of "Majoonkabunj".

1. "Donkle McFee" (2016 Mix)
2. "Stakbikhooka"
3. "Majoonkabunj" (Shorter Edit)
4. "Stranglin' Monkey"
5. "Miggle"
6. "Font Snowka?"
7. "Jiggles + Wrinkles"
8. "Slabberstonkle"
9. "Agathamagathamoo"
10. "Mair Hetal"
11. "Opo"
12. "Snatfoce"
13. "Hard Cry 1"
14. "Hard Cry 2"
15. "Hard Cry 3"
16. "Hard Cry 4"
17. "Watching You" (Rodney Atkins cover)


released July 8, 2016

"Ficksticky" LP credits:
Cork Apple - vocals, guitar, keyboard, drums, bass, speech, production, photography, photo editing, music editing, mixing, kazoo, lyrics, samples, percussion
Crab Apple - vocals, speech, percussion
Snap Apple - noises

"Steel Toe Dick" EP credits:
Crab Apple - vocals, percussion
Cork Apple - guitar, vocals, percussion

"Watching You" single credits:
Cork Apple - guitar
Crab Apple - vocals, percussion
Snap Apple - vocals, chair
Crap Apple - n/a



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