The Words / The Last Yellow Bullet

by The Cardboard Collective

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The A-Side from this single, "The Words", is going to be on our forthcoming untitled LP. It is a first for us as it features a greater input from the other members of the band, with Cam writing an entire guitar part and handling vocals for a good amount of the song, while Noah tackles a vocal part for a verse. The B-Side is a rerecording of an older song, with some slight changes to structure. I am excited to release what we've been working on as I think it tops everything else we've done thus far.

Much love,


released July 28, 2017

Lovingly recorded by Luke Venable at xD Studios in Brewer, ME. Drum tracking, as well as some of Cam's vocals on "The Words", done at Northeast Music Studios.
Sam Scott - vocals, guitars, lyrics, artwork
Cameron Mitchell - drums, vocals, bass on "The Last Yellow Bullet", guitars on "The Words", noise bass on "The Words", lyrics on "The Words"
Noah Guerin - bass on "The Words", lyrics on "The Words", and vocals on "The Words"

Thank you to Tony for moral support and acrobatics.



all rights reserved


The Cardboard Collective Bangor, Maine

Record label run by Sam Scott. Currently looking for artists to put onto an upcoming compilation.

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Track Name: The Words
The words

That spew out your throat
Tend to hurt the ones around you

So cower and hide
You know it wasn't right
(What you said
Did you mean it?
What you said)

So sniff it up
Choke it down and suffocate

I live a lifetime per every dream
What happened to the nights we spent watching lightning?
It just goes to show that you never know
What's happening behind the scene
Sometimes you don't need words at all...

The words you don't even bother to say
Speak volumes that what you did say couldn't reach
The words you never bothered to say
Are reflected by this porch light air

Alien days, caught up in the world of seeing
Senses new, something to make worth being
With nothing real, nothing new
You might ask "what's the point of making do?"

But you're never around (But you're never around)
And you never want to be (And you never want to be)
But the way your green eyes set me on fire (But you're never around)
It makes me want to sit here and wait (And you never want to be)
Track Name: The Last Yellow Bullet
Walk across the floor
Over the clothes
Open the drawer
There's the last yellow bullet

It came flying (It came flying)
In the dark (In the dark)
Rapid speed (Rapid speed)
I couldn't see (Couldn't see)

Grab it
Open it
Sweet flavors from the Maid's last Minute